Xerces non validating

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Xerces non validating

(Descriptions of these options, to configure the factory to return a namespace-aware parser.

Sun's implementation supports any combination of configuration options.

uses the non-validating parser by default, but it can also activate validation.

Activating validation allows the application to tell whether the XML document contains the right tags or whether those tags are in the right sequence.

(If a combination is not supported by a particular implementation, it is required to generate a factory configuration error).

Although a full treatment of XML Schema is beyond the scope of this tutorial, this section shows you the steps you take to validate an XML document using an existing schema written in the XML Schema language.

Note - More information about namespaces is included in Validating with XML Schema in Document Object Model.

For now, think of these attributes as the "magic incantation" you use to validate a simple XML file that does not use them.

The non-validating parser's main goal is to operate as rapidly as possible, but it too generates some warnings.If the parser is not compliant with the JAXP spec, and therefore does not support XML Schema, it can throw a , which stands for XML Schema instance.The second line specifies the schema to use for elements in the document that do not have a namespace prefix, namely for the elements that are typically defined in any simple, uncomplicated XML document.If these exceptions are not thrown, the validation errors are simply ignored.In general, a SAX parsing error is a validation error, although it can also be generated if the file specifies a version of XML that the parser is not prepared to handle.

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On the other hand, if you are writing an application that filters an XML data file and if you want to output an equally readable version of the file, then that white space would no longer be irrelevant: it would be essential.