Xtrap not updating updating an old headboard and footboard

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Xtrap not updating

If you open your Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del, or the faster Ctrl Shift Esc) and look under Processes youll be able to find it.

You can also disable them from running at Windows bootup, but be careful not to disable important processes.

This is probably due to a Windows 8 update, but I will edit this if I get any more information.

I had manully configured my firewall setting but that doesn't work eitherthat doesnt help either, i believe is XTrap problem as I didnt encounter any problem before the mentioned update Bump: To support, Many thanks for the XTrap updates dtd today (23Dec09). Thumbs up for being so effective and Merry Christmas.they must set the updated X-Trap in their scanning progress as a non-threat application by updating the Anti-Vira.Spam your Anti-Vira Software Manufacturer with the x-trap files, as far as i know you can send to most Manufacturer files to check them which they then sometimes apply them to their updates. Most error message examples and solutions were taken from threads posted in Technical Support, so I certainly cannot take credit for everything.A few things to note: X-Trap errors may be shown in the language you set as the system non-Unicode language.

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(Thanks N3Twor K for the info.) You do NOT need to uninstall, as long as you stop Tray Tools from autorunning at boot.

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