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We live in such a cut down world that few teens ever get encouraged by their peers. Guidelines from God Choices Knee-Mail Growing In Christian Grace Reaching the Needy Personal Responsibility Handling the Stress of Youth Ministry Over 25 personal retreats to choose from!

This lesson shares the importance of encouragement, and your group will discover practical ways to build each other up. You know how you've been meaning to do a newsletter, or send a regular email or find some way to encourage the teens? We've put together several "copy, tweak and paste" sections for your ministry.

Sex Getting along with parents Lust Hassled to do drugs Media Rebellion Succeeding in school Anorexia/Bulimia Cutting Disabilities/health issues Adolescents/puberty Dating pressure Alcohol Acceptance Making friends Avoiding addiction Building self-esteem Sexual identity Suicide Bullying Attractiveness Just to name a FEW!

It's overwhelming to just to SEE everything kids are going through, much less try to minister to them in the midst of it all. The "average" ministry requires constant attention and more time than we have!

Here's the overview of 6 Plus so you can see the flow..

Easy to follow and teach Bible curriculum is tough to find.

Soaking Waiting for Daddy Pigeonholed More then 60 spiritual thoughts to send your young ladies!"Abstinence education is on a roll throughout America! You're saving tons of money over other curriculum options with this feature alone! Teens are embracing a lifestyle of sexual purity like never before. "Dating Q & A" is a must study for all young people. I believe using this material in our churches will head off a lot of heartache for our young people and their families." - Dr.

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Donnie Hilliard, co-author of "This study of dating gives couples more than just restrictions, it gives them purpose.