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* If you're getting "Server Execution Failed" errors, you may want to disable the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and reboot.That error indicates that something is locking the player in use in such a fashion that it can not be accessed.Android and other devices are a bit messier, but essentially the same process. In these dark times, you might find comfort knowing 15 people are watching a Zune 30 GB on e Bay right now. * Satellite TVfor PC 2006 randomly installs their own version of

If you have igdumd32on your system, please look for those drivers, which came out April 2007.Please note that these are all unsupported hacks I figured out in my spare personal time. There is a general focus herein on Windows Media Player 9-12.However, this FAQ also covers Windows Media Player 7 (WMP7), Windows Media Player 6 (WMP6), and Media Player for XP (MPXP).You can also head to your "My Music" folder and add files to i Tunes from here (usually found here: C My Music).Only the music you paid for or used music credits to obtain will be allowed in, of course.

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